Professional Darts Club IRanian Pishro

About Us

Dart Club is the leading Iranian professional dart club established to promote the highest quality sport and health services in the country in a fun, orderly, respectful, relaxed, and intimate environment.
In order to accomplish this mission, by creating the right space, he planned to build the basic infrastructure for holding training classes, camps, competitions and a variety of consulting and sports services.

With over two decades of experience working in the field of Darts, the club’s founding members have been able to establish effective and intimate relationships with leading and leading federations in the sport, including England, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and Turkey. , Japan, India, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong and … Darts sport from a purely recreational sport in the country to professional sport until now Iran with at least 5000 darts players in two professional sections And the amateurs can gain a foothold in world authorities.

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